Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sleeping spell........

The good looking Malay is Abdul Rahim Jaguli, he is a damn lecturer because he don’t know how to teach and some more his voice is soft. You definitely can hear what he say when you are in his class. The one thing that I don’t like him is he loves to tease the female students in the class. Don’t think that the students teased by him will get good marks; he killed all the students in the final exams. He uses to teach International Management, Export Management and Cross Culture Management. He is good for nothing, no one like to hear his lectures as it is like a sleeping spell.

The Damn Indian that sucks.....

The black guy above is Selvan. He is also a damn lecturer in my university. He loves to show off his knowledge which all is inside the textbook. Neither he can teach well in class nor does he give good assignment marks to students. He is the killer that strict in everything; you sure die in his class. The one thing that I don’t like him is he is smelly like he never bath for a week. I think other lecturer also agree with me. He really sucks as I can’t stand with the ugly smell when I was in his class. You are really sucks dude!

The Good For Nothing............

This is the damn lecturer that kills non Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) students. He is Shamir, and smoking is what he loves the best. I think he is the one who hate the Malaysia Budget when it is announce the price of cigarettes will rise up eventually. Although he is a killer but he never kills BBA students, what a damn lecturer he is. The thing I hate about him is that he does not know how to teach in his lectures and he loves to tell his grandma’s story. The favorite story he enjoy the most by telling in class was when his wife was about to give birth, he said the nurse in the ER is sexy and pretty. What a damn husband he is.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Top killer in My U

He is Haji Romle, people use to call him Romle. He teaches International marketing. He kills his students in the assignment and exams. When in class he is very generous and joking guy but he didn’t know how to teach. He just talking about nonsense in class and waste my time when I take his class. When the lecturer survey occur which we known UTLC, he will say” you all give good points and I will give A.” Unfortunately it is not a win-win situation, the old cunning fox lied.
I cannot understand why my university hired this kind of old fox, what can this idiot give any benefits to the university and to the students? He will not only ruin the reputation of the university but he destroys the future of the students. No wonder there so many unemployed graduates every year.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Killer in my U

There are some bad lecturers in my university, they are known as "killer". When you get this kind of lecturers, definitely you won't get good marks no matter how good you are and how hard working you are. They just kill your assignments or your exams. He or she will give you very low marks.
I can't understand why these kind of people so happy when they students fail in exams. What a damn teachers, isn't teacher supposed to give guidance and encouragement to his student to go beyond a good path in his life? Why the universities accept this kind of people as lecturers?